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Colorblind by Sylvia Schwartz

Written for the One-Minute Play Festival in NJ & produced by Mile Square Theatre in 2018

Orange (husband): What color are you?

Purple (new neighbor): Purple.

Orange (husband): A mixed color.

Green (wife): What are you doing?

Orange (husband): Seeing whose moving into our neighborhood. Says she’s purple, but she’s really a mix of blue and red. Right?

Purple (new neighbor): What color do you think you are?

Orange (husband): Huh? I’m orange!

Purple (new neighbor): A mix of red and yellow.

Orange (husband): No, I’m orange! And my wife is 100% green.

Green (wife): Actually, I’m not.

Orange (husband): What?

Green (wife): I thought you knew. I’m made up of yellow and blue.

Orange (husband): But I only see green—green, green, green! It’s purple that’s not pure. Not you and me.

Purple (new neighbor): Like it not we share the same red color gene.

Orange (husband): But we’re nothing alike!

Green (wife): And Purple and I share the color blue.

Orange (husband): You’re telling me none of us are what we appear to be? We’re all…secondary colors?!

Green (wife): But we’re all made from primary ones.

STAGE DIRECTION: The three of them are now in a circle & Green/wife puts her hand out into the middle the way football players in a huddle extend their hands one by one, putting one hand on top of the other’s.

Green (wife) (extends her hand toward Purple): To blue.

Purple (new neighbor) (puts her hand on top of Green’s hand): To yellow.

Green (wife) (to Orange): Come on, you can do it.

Orange (husband) (puts his hand on top of both of theirs): To red. Hell, we all must be colorblind.

Script available at no charge with written permission (via the contact form on this website) from the playwright. © 2018

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