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About Sylvia

I've published poetry,
flash fiction, 
short stories, and short plays.
I am an Assistant Editor
for Narrative Magazine.

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My Story


My professional writing career was in advertising and marketing, but when my husband decided it was time to write his memoir, to capture those real-life, humorous stories one tells at a party, I needed to don a different type of story-teller hat. One that I wore for several years as I wrote the 78 one- to three-page stories he wanted to tell. 

My proudest moments were being able to share those self-published stories with my father and mother-in-law shortly before they passed away. It made me realize how none of us knows how much time we have and that we—or should I say I—shouldn't put things off.

It was after I finished writing that memoir that I launched into studying the craft of literary fiction by taking classes, reading craft books, participating in writing groups, conferences, etc.


I created a writing community resource section to help others along their journey.

"Art is long, life is short." ~ Hippocrates

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