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Website Designer

Because every writer (or anyone else) should have a website of their own.

Wanderlust Marrakech-website design.png

Since I'm a writer and website designer, you get both services with one person for a streamlined and efficient design process from concept to finished website.


Insider Trips Page.png

This travel website was designed with beautiful images to capture the magical nature of Marrakech and written to entice potential clients to reach out to learn more. 

This project involved researching ten different destinations/activities of the Marrakech Insider Trip in order to craft the copy. 

Professional images were carefully selected and reviewed by the client. 


Additional website pages included a personal story about the trip leader and a Guest Book section with nine testimonials. 

Screenshot 2024-03-27 at 1.07.07 PM.png

This freelance client wanted to showcase her services in a sophisticated and fun way that also emphasized her satisfied clients.


This portion of her website features her Cat Sitting service and a testimonial.

FriendsLibrary-website design.png

This nonprofit organization needed a new brand identity.


They wanted to attract a younger demographic, have a more sophisticated and upscale look and reinforce the essence of friendship.

Friends - homepage 1.png

High-quality stock photography was selected (at no additional charge) that captured the energy and inclusiveness that this nonprofit wanted to convey. 

By branding the association as both a friendship and membership organization, it reinforced their friendship messaging.

Friends homepage 2.png

This friendship message was also reinforced with friendship quotes from well-known authors on each of the ten pages of this website. 

In addition to building this website, I helped this nonprofit develop new bookmarks with branded messaging on one side of the bookmark and a friendship quote on the other that matched this website design.

Personal Blog.png

This client wanted a blog website that members could join and participate in to bolster friendships. 

It also needed to be easily expanded with additional blogging categories as they came up.

By having a separate members section, the client can also assign member roles, including the ability of select members to create and moderate their own blog category that relates to the website's overall theme.

Claire Lukacs website.png

This freelancer website was designed to present the graphic designer's portfolio of client work.

She wanted to brand herself using this specific color, which she also used on her business cards. The top navigation menu on this simple one-page website uses invisible anchors to quickly reach each section of her website.

Responsible Development Homepage.png

This community website was designed to give the organization a professional presence with straightforward copy and easy navigation.

Responsible Development Mission.png

I also worked with this client in developing their mission statement and helped write the website copy.


They also wanted a separate News & Concerns section that members of the organization could easily update, so a blog news section was added with step-by-step instructions provided. Individual blog posts can easily be shared on social media.

Natalie homepage.png

This author wanted to promote her new historical fiction novel with a new website. This design included a separate Books page with bullet point testimonials, her Amazon starred ratings, and links to order the books.

This client also wanted a History section where she would add images and interesting facts from the historical period covered in her book, as well as an Events section to announce her author readings, which could be updated later with photos from those events.

Natalie Quotes.png

A special section on the homepage was created to give prominence to the reviews from other authors.

I also developed the client's newsletter template to match her website design and provided step-by-step instructions so she could update it herself, if she wanted.

A Moveable Feast.png

This fundraising event website needed to accomplish many goals. It had to educate the community about an event that had never been done before in their town, entice residents to get involved in hosting this event in their homes, and sell tickets directly from this website for this one-time event.

It was a highly successful event and raised a considerable amount of money for the nonprofit.

In addition to my marketing and branding background for large corporate clients, I have been a layout designer for European fashion catalogs, where I won numerous awards.


Unlike other website designers who work separately with a marketing and branding specialist and a writer, you benefit from all these disciplines with one person who also understands the importance of telling your story and can affordably create a sophisticated website for you in record time.

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