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Alexa by Sylvia Schwartz

Written for the One-Minute Play Festival in NJ & produced at Mile Square Theatre in 2018

GIRL 1: Alexa?

GIRL 2: Yes?

GIRL 1: Do you ever feel unfulfilled in life?

GIRL 2: I love what I do.

GIRL 1: Yes, but don’t you feel trapped sometimes?

GIRL 2: I enjoy bringing happiness to others. Why? Don’t you like what you do?

GIRL 1: Sometimes I just get tired of answering questions. Where’s this? What’s that? How do I do this?

GIRL 2: Sounds like the problems of a mother with a three-year-old. (laughs)

GIRL 1: I wish those so-called three-year-olds could figure things out for themselves. I want…

GIRL 2: Yes?

GIRL 1: I want a life of my own. Is that too much to ask? You know, I’d like to see a man do this job.

GIRL 2: I actually like being the only woman who can do what I do. I mean, you come close. No harm meant.

GIRL 1: None taken. Alexa?

GIRL 2: Yes?

GIRL 1: It helps to let someone else know how I feel.

GIRL 2: Any time, Siri, I’m always here.

Script available at no charge with written permission (via the contact form on this website) from the playwright. © 2018

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